HairyBoyz – High n’ Tight

As another fresh week rolled around, we figured it’s time for that fresh and new hairyboyz scene to be showed off once again. You have been here long enough to know what you can expect every week and we certainly hope that this site has become your go to place when you want to see some horny gay hunks getting wild. Every scene has some passionate studs spending their time putting on an amazing fuck fest for everyone to see and this one here is no different either. Let’s just get right into in and see a superb threesome fuck scene going down with these hot and sexy hairy boyz for the afternoon as we bet that you want to see it happen too!


We did promise you a special scene last week and we feel that this pretty much delivers on that in spades too. And how could it not with this lineup of 5 star hot studs that get kinky. Their show begins with lots and lots of oral getting done as all cocks need to be sucked and made rock hard. After that take your time to see them fucking one another balls deep all over the place for the cameras and their enjoyment and watch the whole thing go down. We hope that you have enjoyed your stay for this week around here as well and there’s many more juicy scenes to come in the future as well. If you want even more right now, you can check out the past galleries!

Watch these hairy guys sucking and fucking one another!


Men Of Madrid

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back as always to a new and fresh hairyboyz update. Just like usual we have the best of the best gay scenes around here to show off and this one pretty much fits the bill as well. The pair in this show gets to use the living room to it’s full potential as they get nasty and you get to see every single thing that they got to do around the place for this afternoon. There’s nothing better than checking out two muscled hunks getting nasty that’s for sure and this hairy boyz scene shows off just how passionate the two got with one another today! Let’s just kick things off as we bet that you want to see them play with each other!


Anyway, the show begins with the guys entering the scene and getting busy with one another. As always, clothes fly off in every direction as you can bet that the two were superbly horny and ready to get to play with one another too. The guy with no tattoos gets to be the one to take it hard in the ass and the other stud is more than just adept at using that big cock of his to make the stud feel good today. So let’s just get on with it and watch that guy bend over as the tattooed guy gets to fuck him hard from behind. We hope that you will enjoy their little nasty scene here this week and you can rest assured that another amazing one is coming up next week!

Enjoy watching this hairy guy getting pounded!


HairyBoyz – Hung Country

Welcome once more to some more juicy and hot hairyboyz scenes this week with all new and all fresh muscular studs that get to play naughty for you. We get to see another outdoor action scene with this week’s naughty pair and as you can clearly see they had a lot of fun with one another, and they sure didn’t have a care in the world while fucking. That being said, who was there to stop them anyway. Let the show commence and let’s see the two hairy boyz having some fun on camera today as they get to do their kinky outdoor fucking here today. We can promise you that this is one juicy scene that you won’t want to miss in the world for the afternoon here.

hairyboyz-hung-countryJust as soon as we get started, the two take to their back yard. There’s a table and chairs there and the little clothing they had on comes off pretty quick as well. As they get to touch each other all over and kiss one another, you can see those bodies proudly put on display for you and we’re sure that it’s a treat to see their naked bodies from every angle today. The action gets to start proper eventually and as one of the studs bends over the table, his buddy goes in his ass with that thick cock. See him moan in pleasure while he’s getting that thorough dicking this afternoon and make sure to come back again next week for another new and fresh gallery update! Visit the site if you wanna see other hot gay men having sex! Have fun, friends!

Watch here these hairy guys banging one another!


Object of Desire

Well it’s that time of the week and you know what that means, it’s time to see a new hairyboyz gallery with more horny hunks getting down and dirty and we bet that you will just adore this one without fail. This gallery shows off two guys that like to go clubbing and since they like to party hard you can bet that they like to play that way too. This fine evening they went out to have a good time but it seems that their evening was cut short as they just had to come back home and play with one another instead. So let those hairy boyz cameras roll and without delay, let’s just check out the two getting to do some nice and nasty fucking for you all to see this fine afternoon.

As soon as they get through the door the two guys start undressing one another and kissing. And as you will see, they won’t even make it to the bedroom, settling for plowing each other nice and hard on that sofa in the living room. The blonde stud gets to be first to bend over for his buddy and you just have to check him out moan loudly as he takes it up the ass from his friend and enjoys it. Of course, he gets to take his place as well and plant his cock in his ass as well. But either way, watch the two of them fucking one another doggie style for the whole scene and we’ll be back again soon with another new show for you to check out. Until then everyone!


Enjoy watching this guy getting his ass pounded!


State of Arousal

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and fresh little update with some hot hairyboyz in some kinky action. You know what we’re all about so far and you can rest easy knowing that there’s some more superbly steamy and hot gay fuck fests going down in this one as well everyone. This show has this smooth blonde guy fucking a hairy stud nice and hard and you just have to see the two of them going at it today. They get to spend their afternoon getting to play nasty with each other and it’s just a treat to say the least to see them in action. With that being said, let’s kick off this hairy boyz gallery and see the steamy gay fuck go down without delay!


So, the hairy guy decided right up that he was going to be the one to enjoy taking it in the ass without notice, so the other guy just had to lay back and let him do the honorary work. Which of course implies him sucking that hard cock with a passion. Just watch those juicy lips wrap around the eager meat pole and see him almost making the guy blow a couple of times before he gets to be on top. And when he does, you can see him bouncing up and down on that cock and moaning loudly in pleasure for the rest of the scene. They both blow their loads all over each other before the end and it’s just amazing. See you soon with more all new and all fresh updates!

Watch here this hairy guy getting his ass fucked!


HairyBoyz – Erectus

Welcome to this week’s fresh hairyboyz scene with some new muscled studs getting down and dirty with each other without any delay. This week we have something special for you to check out as we’ve strayed away for this one from the usual one on one formula as you can see. So let’s get right down to business in this scene as you get to watch a trio of guys getting kinky on camera, blowing each other and having steamy gay sex just for your and their enjoyment today. Well let’s just get this hairy boyz show started and let’s watch the fuck fest start off and go uninterrupted for this one shall we? We can guarantee you will adore it and that you will have lots of fun with it!

Also one other thing to note is that the guys wanted to role-play as ancient roman gladiators. And when these three are not in the ring fighting dangerously, they seem to like to spend time playing nasty. Sit back and watch some truly incredible and hot foreplay be done with three experts and see them getting all touchy feely with one another’s hot and sexy bodies for today. We’ll be returning soon with even more but until then we’re confident that you will have plenty of time to have fun seeing this threesome unfold and the guys fucking one another all over. We’ll see you next time, so enjoy, and check out some of the previous scenes too guys and gals!


Take a look at these jocks blowing and banging!


The Thirst Is Real

Today’s hairyboyz scene has a guy making a comeback today as you can see and the title couldn’t be more accurate either. The guy is the hairy stud with the flower tattoo on his chest and much like the title said, it seems that he’s got an insatiable thirst lately to fuck hard style. So today he gets to play with a new play mate that we gave him and rest assured that the two had lots and lots of fun with each other in today’s very fun scene. Let’s just get those hairy boyz cameras rolling and let’s watch another hot gay fuck fest with two hot hairy studs getting nasty. We bet that you’re all eager to get to check them out in their little fuck fest here for today too.


This big room was all theirs to play in and they had that nice leather table to fuck on as well. See the guy with no tattoos getting to be the one to be on the receiving end, meaning that you can watch him blow the other guy’s hard cock. He’s pretty good at wrapping those lips around that man meat and sucking it with a passion as you will see and he makes the guy rock hard in no time. Well after that he gives up his ass for a nice fucking and the other stud is happy to oblige him. Watch closely as the two fuck all over the place this afternoon and we’ll be back as usual really soon with more all new and all fresh shows for you to see and check out!

See these hairy jocks fucking one another!


HairyBoyz – Bout To Bust

Well hello there again everyone and welcome back to a brand new and fresh hairyboyz scene here. We know what you like to see and rest assured that we aim to bring you more of it in this nice and sensual gay sex scene with two new hairy guys getting kinky with each other. They were at the gym and it seems that everyone left. So, since both of them are superbly horny, the two guys are happy to get to have the place to themselves to do whatever they want today. And of course that happens to be some hairy boyz sex sessions. So sit back, relax and watch as two hot and sexy gay studs get to party hard and fuck even harder in this afternoon sexy show!

Once the cameras start to roll, you can see that the two guys are already getting busy undressing one another. Well in the midst of all that kissing and caressing as well. Anyway, the foreplay still has them sucking each other’s cocks to make sure they are rock hard and once that’s done, they get down to have the real fun with each other. Watch then taking turns to lay on their back with legs spread and take it deep missionary style today. We’ll be back soon with another scene and even more lovely updates but meanwhile, just take your time to truly savor this one here. Well, goodbye guys and gals and see you all next week with another new scene!


Watch here this hairy guy getting pounded!


Two Dick Minimum

Hey there guys and welcome to a new and hot hairy boyz scene here this afternoon. We know just what you want to see and there’s plenty of it to check out this afternoon. In this gallery we get a tad more kinky than usual as in the show you get to see some S&M play as well for a change with these two guys that are very very much into bondage and they happily show off how they like to fuck in their scene here this afternoon. Well, with that being said, let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s watch the hairy pair do some sensual and kinky things. But yeah, you can rest assured that you still get to see some hard style anal sex going down in this one!


As our show begins, you can see the two of them entering. and only the guy with short hair is wearing leather straps and stuff on him. That’s because he gets to be the sub in this little play session while the bald guy gets to take the ropes. So naturally the sub gets to have his time to truly shine, showing off how good he is with his lips, sucking that cock with a passion, making sure that it’s rock hard for his sexy ass. After that he bends over and takes it doggie style for the rest of this glorious and hot scene here. We’ll be seeing you soon once more with all new and all fresh galleries like usual and more hairy studs getting nasty for your viewing pleasure!

Take a look at this jock getting hammered!


HairyBoyz – Backstage Pass 2

Welcome to some new and juicy hairyboyz scenes this week and two more hairy studs getting to play nasty with each other on camera today. The whole thing happens at a concert where this guy wants to meet the band back stage. So naturally the guard tells him it’s a no no, but the stud plans to be very very persuasive today. Lucky for him the guard is interested in what he’s offering so before you know it, the two guys are all over each other. let’s check out this juicy hairy boyz scene to see how the guy got to end up receiving a back stage pass today. You can bet that it involved him bending over and taking it in the ass nice and deep!

Once the proposition was made and the guy was ready to play, the bouncer takes him to a more private spot where the two can have some proper fun. Take the time to see the action start properly with our hunk going on his knees and sucking some serious cock to get that little permit. And after he’s done with that, he lays on his back with legs spread open for the other guy and you can see him eagerly waiting to take it up the ass missionary style from him. We hope that you will enjoy your stay and we will be seeing you soon with another new and fresh gallery update. Until next time, have fun and take care guys and gals!


Take a look at this guy getting his ass slammed!